Casino Playing Tips


No deposit bonus will allow you to play for free, without having to spend a single euro: it is generally sums ranging between 5 and 45 euros. Online casinos use this type of offers to attract players and you will be in their database, they will make recess play by depositing money, you can choose to continue to play with them or not.

Similar to the no deposit bonus, this new concept is to credit the player’s account with a large amount (500 euros and more) for a certain period (between half an hour and one hour), during which the player can use this credit online casino. If the credit at the end of the allotted time is greater than the amount of the bonus, the difference goes to the player.

The bonus with deposit is presented as a percentage of your deposit multiplier: for example, a deposit of 100% is equivalent to 50 euros deposited, you will receive € 50 bonus. A bonus of 50% corresponds to 25 euros in this case.

In general, with deposit bonus have a limit of bonus and a 100% bonus up to € 200 means that for 100 euros purchased, the casino offers 100 euros, so you play with 200 euros. You can buy up to 200 euros and then you will receive 200 euro bonus. If you use called purses “electronic” as Kneeler or Moneybookers, the online casinos offer 15% extra bonus on all deposits. Why this bonus? It is from the casinos encourage this type of payment is secure and fast.

This is a rather special bonus that is to refund in the form of bonus money you lose. So if you deposit € 100 and you lose a cash back bonus of 100% up your account recréditera 100 euros to play. When you refer a friend.