Changing Your Luck

What is luck? Some people seem to be lucky by nature, while others never seem to have any luck go their way. Luck is an immeasurable quality that ebbs and flows, and in the gambling world it is the remarkable fluctuations of good luck which bring us back to the casinos.

Many gamblers base their decisions on pure mathematics while others like to bet on a hunch. No matter what your reasons for making a bet, in the short term it is luck that will be a big factor in determining the outcome of your bet. Over the long term, other elements such as skill and game odds play more of a factor. Online casinos make money because they are able to stay open 24/7. They know that the luck will even out over

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the long term and the odds of the game will eventually hold true. However in the short term, anyone can “get lucky” and pull off a remarkable win. The attraction of a big jackpot win on the Online Slot machines is a big lure to casual casino punters.

So is there anything that you can do to change your luck? It all comes down to your own attitude. Some people believe that you can “make your own luck”. These people tend to have positive attitudes and are prepared take a chance and gamble when the odds are favorable. Their optimistic confidence is refreshing as they always seem happy and enjoy themselves while they play. The opposite is the pessimistic player who always complains about his bad luck as he drowns in his own misery and misfortune.

Serious casino players will tell you that luck doesn’t matter in games of skill such as Blackjack or Video Poker. Over the long term they are correct, but realistically many players won’t play enough hands over their lifetime to achieve long term results. Therefore short term luck is very important to the results of most players. However luck will often only determine the cards you are dealt, you’ll need to apply correct game strategy to give yourself the best chance of success. The player that turns a difficult situation into an advantageous one is sometimes looked upon as being lucky, however often it is their positive attitude and superior knowledge that brought about the good fortune. For example, a “lucky” yet highly skilled Blackjack player has drawn a 16 against the dealer’s 10. Many “unlucky” players are too scared to hit their 16 for fear of going bust, but a skilled player knows that correct strategy dictates that he should indeed take another card. On this occasion he draws a 5 to make a 21, as the dealer turns over another 10 for a total of 20. The player appears to have gotten lucky, but the reality is that this player made his own luck by using his superior game knowledge to apply the correct strategy for the situation.

The good news is that anyone can get lucky. You could be next to login to your favorite online casino, get lucky and strike it rich. Recently a lady won a 2 million pound Progressive Slots jackpot from just a 20 pound deposit! It could be you! Just try to keep a positive attitude.

A great little exercise to get you in the right mood, is before you sit down to play take a moment to stop and think about something really great in your life. Think about someone or something special to you that inspires you every day and you will appreciate how wonderful life can be! You’ll hit the tables with a smile on your face and a positive attitude that will only encourage some good luck!